elePHPant - PHP Conference Japan 2019 model

¥ 3,000 SOLD OUT



20回目のPHPカンファレンスを記念して、PHP界隈のマスコットぬいぐるみ elePHPant < https://afieldguidetoelephpants.net/ > のPHPカンファレンスバージョンが登場!

幅 約10cm x 奥行 約20cm x 高さ 約12cm

2019/12/01 会場でお渡しするelePHPantの事前決済用です。

※※※※ クレジット決済・キャリア決済・PayPal決済 のみ可 ※※※※

当日は必ず15:00までに elePHPant販売所 にお越しください。
購入メールを確認し、elePHPant をお渡しいたします。


※ 事前決済用なので、お支払いいただいても購入確定ではありません。


※※※※ 銀行振込・コンビニ決済・後払い決済 不可 ※※※※

The unique elePHPant plushy <https://afieldguidetoelephpants.net/> has appeared to commemorate the 20th PHP conference!

Size (approximate)
Width 10cm x depth 20cm x height 12cm

Quantities are limited so please make sure to pay in advance order to receive your elePHPant plushy that will be handed over at the conference venue on 2019/12/01.
Only credit card payment or PayPal payment are available.

To pick it up make sure to come to the elePHPant sales office in the conference venue by 15:00 on event day where we will confirm your purchase using your purchase confirmation email. You can also have someone pick it up on your behalf using this email. All orders that are not received by 15:00 will be cancelled.

Unreserved elePHPant (or canceled ones after 15:00) will be sold at the venue on the day. Pick up at the event is a requirement to receive the elePHPant .
If you do not receive it on the day, we will not ship it (sorry!).
We recommend that those unable to receive it in person should ask for someone to do it for them.

Session speakers, booth sponsors will receive one free.
If this is your case, please be careful not to pay unless you want to purchase additional items.
One elePHPant will be distributed per sponsor.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you all at the event!